Dave Zahn

Partner, Founder
Quick Bio

Dave is a visual artist by training and a graphic designer and media technologist by profession. After graduating from the Pratt Institute in 1969, he came to Vermont in 1971 to pursue a career as a ski instructor. He's lived in South Woodbury, Vt., since 1975.

Dave's has been a part of the Vermont business community since 1979 when he founded a toy company that manufactured a popular toy product based on the work of Buckminster Fuller: the "ZIZIX." Since '85 he's worked in the field of computer graphics and interactive marketing, beginning with his company, Wordgraphics, in Stowe, where he ran one of Vermont's first computer graphics studios, and helped pioneer the use of computers in advertising and design.

Following this, in 1991, he created Vermont's first full-service electronic advertising agency: Signal Advertising. Dave's worked on interactive media and hypertext-based presentation systems since '88, and was an active developer in the CD-ROM publishing business in the early '90s. When the Internet age began, Signal was among the first companies to provide ecommerce websites for Vermont businesses.

As a progressive employer, Dave believes his first obligation as a business owner is to his staff. To this end he's created a non-hierarchical teamwork system in which staff members interact freely and support each other in their work with clients. Signal staff members have flexible work hours and work from home. Signal's organized around the idea that quality work can only be accomplished with a stable staff of employees that are compensated fairly, actually like their jobs, are comfortable and happy in their work, respect themselves and each other, and value their community.

Visual Artist
Graphic Designer
Visual Art & Aesthetics|100
Graphic Design|100
Logos & Identity Branding|90
Adobe Illustrator|90
Adobe Photoshop|90

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