Craig Bailey

Designer, Programmer, Project Manager
Quick Bio

Craig's first online experience was in 1985, logging in at a whopping 128 kbps to Quantum Link, an early predecessor of America Online. He began developing websites 10 years later, before many people knew what websites were.

In the time since, his web experience has grown to include a wide variety of skills covering many aspects of building sites and online marketing: Graphic design; photo manipulation; information architecture; copywriting; programming powerful custom content-management systems using PHP/MySQL; and creating slick user interfaces using jQuery.

Craig's also the Producer/Host of Floydian Slip, a syndicated radio program devoted to the rock band Pink Floyd. Established by Craig in 1989, the show's heard on more than 100 stations.

Online since: 1985
Building websites since: 1995
Signal employee since: 2012
HTML5 & CSS3|90
UI Design|80
Copywriting & Editing|90

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Partner, General Manager
Designer, Programmer, Project Manager
Designer, Programmer, Project Manager
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