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11 Tips for Creating a Usable Website Contact Page

Via Design Shack Contact pages are among the most-visited pages on many websites. But they're an often-neglected part of website design. You can remedy with these tips for creating a usable contact page. Read full article Read more

26 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Site in 30 Minutes or Less

Via @nschaeferhoff Doing a full site revamp and maintenance session could take quite a while, but there are lots of things you can do to fix up your WordPress site that don’t take much time at all.  Read full article Read more

Yes, People Are Still Using '123456' and 'password' as Their Password

Via @AlishaEbrahimji Seriously. And it's seriously compromising. Comparing the most common passwords of 2020 to those of 2019, there's little to no difference — aka we haven't learned much. Read full article Read more

Email Typography: 8 Best Fonts for Email (And Custom Email Font Ideas)

Via @digitalinkwell One of the most important aspects to attend to in email marketing is your font choices. Email-safe fonts make it easier for customers to read what you have to say, which means you’ll be more likely to get that conversion. Read... Read more

5 New SEO Tools for Marketers

Via @whipalash Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to having a successful website. Here are some picks for the five best new SEO tools for marketers. Read full article Read more

Zoom Impersonation Attacks Aim to Steal Credentials

Via @LindseyOD123 The Better Business Bureau warns of phishing messages with the Zoom logo that tell recipients they have a missed meeting or suspended account. Read full article Read more

Canopy Northwest Arkansas

Founded at the height of the refugee crisis of 2015, Canopy Northwest Arkansas (CNWA) was the state's first resettlement agency. The group partners with a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations and faith communities to provide refugees from... Read more

Famous Logo Designs and Their Accompanying Final Logo Design Sketches & Napkin Doodles

Via The Logo Smith Finally, in honor of the "I ♥ NY" designer Milton Glaser, who passed away this summer, here's a great collection of famous logos and their humble beginnings. (You don't have to be a design geek to get a kick out of these, but it... Read more

Guide to Confirmation Emails: Examples and Best Practices

Via Nataly Birch As a simple verification of a completed action, a confirmation email reaches clients at a vital stage in their journey. It provides instant feedback that's indispensable for building trust in your brand and creating a comfortable... Read more

The Era of UI Unification

Via Robert Mayer A quick rundown on how websites have evolved over the years, and why the web looks the way it looks now. Read full article Read more