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The Era of UI Unification

Via Robert Mayer A quick rundown on how websites have evolved over the years, and why the web looks the way it looks now. Read full article Read more

Powerful Additions to Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy for Higher ROI

Via David Schneider Find marketing strategies you can implement that will not only bring in customers but do so without spending a lot. The article includes some additions you can make to practically any marketing strategy to provide you a higher... Read more

What Is a WordPress Theme?

Via @kezzbracey It's a basic question, but one we get asked a lot. And this article does a good job explaining it. (By the way, this article could just as easily apply to any content management system.) Read full article Read more

Sitemaps: A Complete Guide

Via @MarkLangshaw A sitemap can be vital when it comes to SEO success, but how exactly do they work? Why do you need one, and how do you go about creating one for your site? Read full article Read more

Malicious Attachments Remain a Cybercriminal Threat Vector Favorite

Via @LindseyOD123 It's no time to let your guard down: Malicious attachments continue to be a top threat vector in the cybercriminal world, even as public awareness increases and tech companies amp up their defenses. Read full article Read more

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont Gets A New Look

After nearly 5 years, Mel & Julia (Owners of Birnn Chocolates of Vermont) decided it was time to spicy up their website with a new look. We started with the home page and are working through the site, adding new content and photos. Their goal is... Read more

Should You Use WordPress Auto Updates?

Via @karks88 In version 5.5, WordPress introduced an auto-update feature for plugins and themes. This article helps you determine if it's a good solution for your website. Read full article Read more

Email Support

Getting Started with your Email Set-up & Configuration Email Settings Manage your email through your webmail account. Login to your webmail to get started. Pop / IMAP Configuration Basic mail server and port information. Read more

Webmail Settings

How To Manage Your Webmail Settings You can change your email settings in webmail. To change your settings, logging into webmail. Then go to the hambuger icon (  ) next to your email address in the upper right corner of your browser. In Settings,... Read more

7 Practical Tips for Better Microcopy

Via Learn UXD Careful attention to the words you use on your website can greatly enhance your message. Read full article Read more