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RIP Fernando “Corby” Corbató, Inventor of the Password

Via @matthewhughes MIT computer scientist Fernando “Corby” Corbató passed away at his home in Newton, Massachusetts. He was 93. Read full article Read more

Great Expectations: Using Story Principles To Anticipate What Your User Expects

Via @storykaboom When someone reads a story, they have certain expectations about how that story will unfold. The same is true about users coming to our websites. We can pull principles from storytelling to help us meet those user expectations... Read more

The Problem with Dropdown Fields (And What You Should Use Instead)

Via Design Smarts Dropdowns are one of the default fields in the form design toolkit. But far too often, the dropdown is used in a way that makes user input more difficult. Read entire article Read more

UX Lessons Learned from eCommerce Projects

Via @AdrianBDesigns Some good points about effective e-commerce website design. Read full article Read more

Fifty Years Ago, I Helped Invent the Internet; How Did It Go So Wrong?

Via @kleinrock One of the Net's founding fathers waxes philosophic on where we came from and where we might be headed. Read full article Read more

Google to Stop Indexing Flash Content

Via @rustybrick If there weren't already enough reasons to hire Signal to redo your outdated Flash-based website, here's another. And it's a biggie. Read full article Read more

How to Be a Great Client

Via @ryanschaefer41 Some good ideas to help assure a positive outcome when hiring any firm to work on your company's project. Read full article Read more

Why Toggle Tokens Are a Better Alternative to Checkboxes

Via @uxmovement A long list of checkboxes looks intimidating to users and can cause them to abandon your form. A better component for option selection might be toggle tokens. Read full article Read more

Chrome to Block Unsecure Content from Loading on HTTPS Pages

Via @codyenglish Google announced plans to inform users of its Chrome browser when sites utilize insecure connections. Read full article Read more

Supreme Court Allows Blind People to Sue Retailers Over Inaccessible Websites

Via @DavidGSavage The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for blind people to sue Domino’s Pizza and other retailers if their websites are not accessible. Read full article Read more