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How To Write A Press Release: The Complete Guide for 2021

Via Rebekah Carter A press release is one of the most valuable tools in a marketing team’s arsenal. They're one of the best ways to reach new customers, improve your brand reputation, and generate awareness. Read full article Read more

How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on Your Online Accounts

Via Natt Garun and Barbara Krasnoff Currently, the next best way to secure your accounts is two-factor authentication (2FA). This a process that gives web services secondary access to the account owner in order to verify a login attempt. Read full... Read more

The Anatomy of a Web Page: 14 Basic Elements

Via @MYalanska Sometimes it's good to review the basics. Here's a run-down on the essential elements of a web page, the impact each element has, and how it contributes to the general user experience. Read full article Read more

How to Talk to Bots: 8 Technical SEO Tips

Via @DavidZomaya We're all interested in having our websites reach our customers. But before they can, they need to reach the search engines. Here's a look at the basics of technical SEO with tips you can use without being an SEO wizard. Read full... Read more

7 Modern Website Design Examples (and What You Can Learn From Them)

Via Martin Luenendonk A look at some successful websites to discover how they’ve been designed for maximum engagement and conversions ... and how you can do it, too. Read full article Read more

Preparing for Google’s Core Web Vitals Update

Via Sabrina Patrizi The goal of the Core Web Vitals update is to encourage an improved page experience across your site and, ultimately, to improve user experience. Rollout begins in mid-June. Read full article Read more

A Guide to the Modern Minimal UI Style

Via @DianaMalewicz Functional, readable, sleek, and sexy, this design style has a lot going for it. Sometimes less is more. Read full article Read more

5 Web Hosting Technology Trends in 2021

Via Damien Reed Instead of relying solely on physical data centers, the world is gradually switching to cloud computing. This and four other trends are explored in this article. Read full article Read more

Protecting Against Ransomware

Via CISA: Reports of criminals encrypting computer networks and demanding ransom for their release seem to be more and more common. Learn the basics of so-called "ransomware" and how to protect yourself against it with these tips from the U.S.... Read more

Defeating Password Spraying Attacks

Via Mark Lindley Many people reuse passwords across several accounts and don’t take more than a few seconds to come up with them in the first place. That's a formula for trouble. Read full article Read more