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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website – when visited by a user – asks your browser to store on your device in order to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. Those cookies are... Read more

What the Numbers Tell Us About the Current Voice Search Opportunity

Via Andy Taylor Since we can't segment voice from typed interactions in performance reports easily, it's helpful optimization for voice search overlaps with traditional search. Read full article Read more

Google: The Web is Faster Since Page Speed Became a Ranking Factor

Via Matt Southern Google says sites are faster and abandonment rates are down since making page speed a ranking factor last year. Read full article Read more

Web Design & SEO: Everything Designers Should Know

Via Raul Harman Designing a spotless website is pointless if it’s not visible on Google. This is where SEO shines. It increases your site’s exposure in the search engine results pages, drives greater traffic to it, and gives you the opportunity to... Read more

How to Create a Good Transactional Email that Converts

Via Nataly Birch Transactional emails — welcome messages, confirmations, etc. — remain wasted opportunities. So let’s change that trend and find out how to create good transactional emails and enjoy the benefits. Read full article Read more

The Role of UX Writing in Design Ethics

Via Andrea Drugay UX writers are responsible for making sure the language is clear, correct, and helpful. It’s better if the language is also inclusive and accessible, and it’s best if it doesn’t unfairly manipulate the reader. Read full article Read more

The Best Payment Gateway for Your ECommerce Site

Via Suzanne Scacca This guide shows you what kinds of payment options you have to work with based on the ecommerce platform you choose for your website. Read full article Read more

Boston University launches SCOPE of Pain update

Boston University's School of Medicine's Office of Continuing Medical Education has launched a revamped website for its SCOPE of Pain program. Signal has entirely rebuilt the site it originally developed for BU in 2013 to allow a more a la carte... Read more

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont featured on WCAX-TV Channel 3

Signal client Birnn Chocolates of Vermont was featured on WCAX-TV Channel 3's "Made in Vermont" series a couple days ago. Watch the segment online. And visit Birnn at their Signal-produced website. Read more

What If Actually … Is a Horrible Website?

Via Katie Notopoulos This author asks, "How does a powerful, innovative behemoth megacorporation repeatedly fail at its most basic task: running a website?" She admits she cherry-picked her examples, but still makes some good points. Read full... Read more