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Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont offers over 100 different truffles to retailers nationwide. As fourth generation confectioners, they have transformed the family's business from 11 retail stores to an exclusive manufacturer of premium, wholesale truffles... Read more

hy Privacy Is The Internet’s Most User-Friendly Feature

Via Christian Stewart | @stewofkc Privacy policies protect companies legally. They tell consumers how the company collects, stores and uses their data. Unfortunately, these privacy policies aren’t negotiable — to use the service users have to agree... Read more

3 Communication Theories That Will Help You Write Better Microcopy

Via Ryan Cordell | @ryancreatescopy The right combination of words and visuals is the key to communicating with your users and helping them achieve their goals. So design teams should invest as much time, love and attention to designing the words... Read more

How Long is the Perfect Blog Post?

Via Dominic Jeff | @DominicJeff78 The ideal length of a blog post will, to an extent, depend on why you are writing it. Is its primary purpose SEO or social media engagement? Do you want to drive sales or gather backlinks? Does your writing seek to... Read more

What's Not Included in Facebook's 'Download Your Data'

Via Nitasha Tiku | @nitashatiku Users can download and review a lot of information with the Facebook "Download Your Data" tool. But it hardly tells you everything Facebook knows about you. Read full article Read more

5 Ways to Carve Out a Top Spot in Google Search Results

Via Phil Frost | @pcfrost Everyone wants their website to be on the first page of Google’s search results pages (SERPs). Since 95% of all clicks are made on the first page, it makes sense. Knowing this doesn’t really help you, though. What you... Read more

5 Tips for a Secured Experience of a Product

Via Omri Lachman How can design help an online product feel more secure? Omri Lachman shares some ideas. Read full article Read more

Rules For Website Success: Keep Your Site Healthy

Via Ben Jacoby Ongoing website maintenance is the least fun part of developing a website, but we need to talk about it because your site is going to spend the vast majority of its lifetime being maintained, as opposed to being built. Read full... Read more

Signal launches CVMC energy kiosk

It's not very often Signal projects get their own launch party, but it'll happen tomorrow. Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) will unveil an interactive energy kiosk that graphically displays CVMC’s energy usage and costs in a real-time... Read more

Micro Experiences Are Just as Important as the Design of Your Logo

Via Paul Woods | @paulillustrator Micro-experiences are branded moments that set digital product experiences apart from the next. They differentiate not through a logo or brand style guide, but through functionality and interactions. Brands live or... Read more