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Keeping Your Online Accounts Safe

With security breaches becoming a common occurrence, how can we feel safe that our digital lives won't fall victim to the next breach to hit the news? The Sad Truth About Security In today's highly connected world, there is almost no way to... Read more

WordPress Security Update Released, Immediate Download Recommended

Via Matt Southern | @MattSouthern A security update has been released for WordPress version 4.4 and earlier — the company recommends webmasters update their sites immediately. WordPress version 4.4.1 is a security and maintenance release which... Read more

Database Programming

mySQL Data Definition Data Normalization Transactions Indexes  Database Security Legacy data integration   What do database programmers do anyway? First of all they decide how the database should be structured. This isn't as easy as it... Read more

Ecommerce & Secure Transactions

Ecommerce Business-to-Business Product Catalogs Shopping Carts  Secure Credit Card Transactions Encrypted Data Attention to security is fundamental to everything we do on the web at Signal. Commercial websites that exchange sensitive... Read more

Managed Services & Hosting

managed services website hosting database hosting ecommmerce applications secure transactions network applications disaster recovery email hosting   Web hosting is just the beginning. At Signal, we host the websites we design and build,... Read more

Heartbleed Update: How to Create Strong Passwords

If you're not changing your important passwords this weekend you're at risk. Just do it. What's the big deal? Think of it as spring cleaning; a good time to get your passwords organized and get some strong passwords in place. Our advice to all our... Read more

WATCH: Heartbleed Security Flaw Explained in Simple English

This is a brilliant explanation of the Heartbleed Bug in easy to understand language. In the video, popular YouTuber Tom Scott breaks down what Heartbleed is, using diagrams and Pokemon references to illustrate his point. Watch this... and then go... Read more