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Mobile Is A Data Treasure Trove – Not Just Another Touchpoint

Via Brielle Jaekel | @MobileMktrDaily Reaching your customer through their mobile device can be a great sales opportunity, but Brielle Jaekel reminds us not to loose the chance to learn more about your customers. If you stop to listen, you might... Read more

People-Based Marketing: How to Reach Customers Across Screens and Devices

Via Amit Ahuja via @Adobe Marketing to a consumer as they journey through your brand on their devices offers new opportunities. Each device can be accompanied by a unique experience that is both different from other devices and a continuation of... Read more

How the Internet of Things impacts marketing

Via i-Scoop |  As the number of IoT connected devices approaches 2.9 billion, how will marketers take advantage of a deluge of new consumer behavior data? Marketers will have exposure to more information than they ever dreamed of, but will they be... Read more

How Ad Agencies Must Transform In An IoT World

Via Mike Proulx @Forbes Gone are the days when a copy writer and a graphic designer could dream up and execute an advertising campaign by themselves using their instincts alone. In the age of the Internet of Things a vast landscape of customer... Read more

The Noob Guide to Understanding Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Via Brad Tiller | @bradtiller Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best ways to reach the best prospects, at a moment that's pivotal in their purchasing cycle. This guide from Brad Tiller at Unbounce serves as a primer on the core concepts every... Read more

IoT marketing data "extremely effective"

While sensor vendors and network service providers are scrambling to monetize the Internet of Things, corporate marketers are quietly leveraging IoT data to support their digital marketing efforts. Why? ..because it works! David Kilpatrick reports... Read more

Email Marketing

Strategy & Development Email Design & Production Deliverability & Optimization Engagement & Integration List Growth & Hygiene   Email constantly pours into consumer inboxes. Are your customers reading your emails? If not,... Read more

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Integrated Marketing Social Media Marketing Search Marketing Community Building Strategic Consulting Monitoring and Tracking Far from being a fad, social media has emerged as the most recent expression of the basic human... Read more