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The Content Marketer’s Guide to Google Analytics

Via Andy Crestodina | @orbiteers Infographics are a great way to quickly get a grasp of something complex. That's way we're happy to share this little gem. If you are new to Google Analytics, this infographic is a useful guide to some key... Read more

Does Chasing a #1 Search Engine Ranking Justify Your Time and Money?

Via Neil Patel | @NeilPatel Getting the #1 ranking for your keywords in is the holy grail in Search Engine Marketing (SEO), but as Neil Patel reminds us there's more to it than your ranking. Reaching for the #1 slot may not be in the best interest... Read more

Five Google Analytics Features Every Website Owner Should Use

Via Paul Koks | @onlinemetrics If you're new to Google Analytics or even if you've been doing it for years, there are always new ways to look at your site data. Google Analytics is such a versital tool, it's easy to get overwelmed with the... Read more

How to Calculate the ROI of Your SEO Campaign in Google Analytics

Via Adam Frankel | @FrankelInteract Estimating ROI of a company's SEO effort is a common issue most of the SEO managers face today. Measuring SEO performance is not such a simple task. What if someone searched for a keyword, came to your site,... Read more

How to Use Google Analytics to Design a Responsive Website

Via Sarah Smith | @sarahsmith82110 More and more people are accessing the web from smaller personal devices. With this ongoing trend, it's important to have a webpage with elements that respond differently to different devices. Otherwise, you're... Read more

How To Uncover SEO Content Marketing Ideas With Google Search Analytics

Via Derek Edmond | @DerekEdmond We all know Google Search Console has evolved significantly. One of the key areas where the platform has become essential is in the Search Analytics dashboard. With nearly all organic keyword data blocked due to "not... Read more