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Google launches business-friendly tool that tests your website mobile-friendliness & page speed

Via Barry Schwartz | @rustybrick Google announced on the Google Small Business blog that they have released a new landing page to test your website’s mobile-friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile all in one place. This tool should make... Read more

How to Increase Your Content Visibility in Google Knowledge Graph

Via Varun Sharma | @varunsharma1800 Gone are the days when the Google search process was based on keyword match. The Knowledge Graph works just like our mind and is easily able to distinguish between the various search queries and their meanings.... Read more

Google continues testing new search results interfaces

Via Barry Schwartz | @rustybrick Google is constantly playing around and testing user interfaces for their search results and other services. Just recently, we captured them testing black instead of blue links in the main search results. Now, we... Read more

Google #MobileMay: Continuing to Make the Web More Mobile Friendly

May is just 2 weeks away which means we're 2 weeks closer to Google's #MobileMay. What you say is "MobileMay"? #MobileMay is the much-anticipated coming of Google's latest update to their search algorithm. This update promises to be even more... Read more

#MobileMay: What you should know & what you should do

Every year Google tweaks and adjusts their search algorithm. Most of these modifications are minor, however, over the last 365 days the search engine mega-giant had made 6 MAJOR updates. If you're the counting sort, go back a few more years and you'... Read more

FAQ: All About The Changes To Google’s Ad Layout On Desktop Search Results

Via Ginny Marvin | @ginnymarvin On a Friday afternoon — last Friday, February 19, 2016, to be exact — Google confirmed that search results pages on desktop will no longer show text ads in the right sidebar. Instead, as many as four text ads will... Read more