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4 Email Marketing Lessons an Eye Tracking Study Can Teach You

Via Aaron Beashel | @aaronbeashel Do you ever wonder what your subscribers look at when they open and read your email? Where do their eyes go? Are they drawn to visuals over text? Eye tracking studies can answer all these questions. Read the full... Read more

How the Internet of Things impacts marketing

Via i-Scoop |  As the number of IoT connected devices approaches 2.9 billion, how will marketers take advantage of a deluge of new consumer behavior data? Marketers will have exposure to more information than they ever dreamed of, but will they be... Read more

The Ultimate Mobile Email Statistics Overview

Via Jordie van Rijn | @jvanrijn Smartphones and tablets represent a massive part all email interactions & revenue. But just how massive? I searched near and far for all (useful) available statistics and compiled the ultimate mobile email... Read more

Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media

Via Douglas Burdett | @ArtilleryMarket Social media is an excellent way to share your content and extend your reach, but it's generally only going to be seen when your fans and followers are engaged in social media and happen to see it in the... Read more

How to Write a Heroically Effective Email Autoresponder Series

Via Beth Haydon | @bethjhayden Autoresponders are the hardest-working, unsung heroes of content marketing. They're a series of emails you write once and set up to send out at pre-set intervals to anyone who asks for them. When used correctly,... Read more

How to Create a Fantastic Email Call-to-Action

Via Gerald Marshall | @Gerald_Marshall In a recent Ascend2 study, 65% of respondents said a meaningful call to action was THE most effective way to increase click-through rates. Improving a call to action (CTA) can be a complex thing and especially... Read more

5 Preheader Text Ideas to Increase Your Email Effectiveness

Via Tanya Wheeler Berliner | @tanyawb Wasting preheader space with "having trouble viewing this email" is a huge mistake. Just repeating your subject line text isn't winning you any points either. Here are a few ways to maximize your preheader... Read more

The Year of the Smartphone

I came across a pretty cool bit of information today thanks to John Caldwell at Red Pill Email. Yesmail released their 3Q Benchmark Report on Email Marketing. The report is titled “The Year of the Smartphone” and that probably isn't, (it shouldn’t... Read more