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SEO or Content Marketing? Here's How to Rock Both

Via Goran Mirkovic | @ClemmRusty When it comes to SEO and content marketing, people constantly feel like one is more important than the other. For most inexperienced online businesspeople, SEO seems as something that is essential to their websites... Read more

5 Content Writing Tips That Will Automatically Make You a Better Blogger

Via John Wieber | @johnwieber In today's digital world, blogging is an important piece of the marketing pie. By minimizing its importance, you're throwing away an opportunity to get your business some much-needed exposure. Many business owners... Read more

6 Ways Social Media Affects Content Marketing and SEO

Via Jayson Demers | @jaysondemers Social media affects content marketing and SEO in both direct and indirect ways, and can greatly enhance the overall value of your multifaceted online marketing campaign. When working together, each influences and... Read more

The Basics of Keyword Research for Content Marketers

Via Annie Sisk | @AnnieSisk It's understandable when you consider that the details of how search engines go about indexing and ranking web pages are quite literally super-secret, kept under lock and key, protected by multi-million dollar non-... Read more

How B2C Content Marketing Will Change in 2016

Via Blair Evan Ball | +BlairEvanBall Approximately 80% of B2C marketers plan to produce more content in 2016 vs. 2015, regardless of their organization's effectiveness, size, documentation of content marketing strategy and editorial mission,... Read more

5 Content Marketing Trends for 2016

Via Meg Cannistra | @Meg_Cannistra How fast did 2015 go? When we hit December, I couldn't believe we were already gearing up for 2016 and it was time to invest in another cat wall calendar I'll never use and jot down the New Year's Resolutions I... Read more