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Mobile Is A Data Treasure Trove – Not Just Another Touchpoint

Via Brielle Jaekel | @MobileMktrDaily Reaching your customer through their mobile device can be a great sales opportunity, but Brielle Jaekel reminds us not to loose the chance to learn more about your customers. If you stop to listen, you might... Read more

Learning to Use Google Analytics More Effectively at CodePen

Via Chris Coyier | @chriscoyier Here's how most people use Google Analytics: you copy and paste the default tracking snippet into your templates. Look at the pageview data that comes in. That's all good, but that isn't the most useful analytics for... Read more

Plan ahead to take social analytics to the next level

Via Marissa Cazem | @marissacazem Brands need a clear plan to get social analytics right, Marissa Cazem writes. That means careful preparation and strategic use of real-time data. "By having a clear social media analytics plan, brands can improve... Read more

The Social Media Analytics Compass: What and How to Measure

Via Ian Cleary | @IanCleary Are you using the right social media analytics tools to monitor, assess and improve your social media performance? What analytics are you measuring and what should you be measuring in your social media tracking?... Read more

Email Marketing

Strategy & Development Email Design & Production Deliverability & Optimization Engagement & Integration List Growth & Hygiene   Email constantly pours into consumer inboxes. Are your customers reading your emails? If not,... Read more

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Integrated Marketing Social Media Marketing Search Marketing Community Building Strategic Consulting Monitoring and Tracking Far from being a fad, social media has emerged as the most recent expression of the basic human... Read more