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Twitter Introduces Universal Website Conversions Tag For All Advertisers

Via Justin Lafferty | @jlafferty21 Twitter just made it easier to figure out conversions made on an advertiser's website. The company recently launched the universal website conversions tag, available in addition to Twitter's single-event... Read more

Speed Is Key: Optimize Your Mobile Experience

Via Think with Google | @ThinkwithGoogle People's patience for a cumbersome and clumsy mobile site or app is waning. Mobile has trained all of us to expect to get what we want, in the moment we want it. Consumers expect to move through a brand's... Read more

Reaching out to consumers on the IoT

The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with our homes, our cars, our appliances, even our bodies. From the front doors of our houses, to the many hidden devices that are otherwise invisible to us, but which form the critical systems... Read more

How the Internet of Things impacts marketing

Via i-Scoop |  As the number of IoT connected devices approaches 2.9 billion, how will marketers take advantage of a deluge of new consumer behavior data? Marketers will have exposure to more information than they ever dreamed of, but will they be... Read more

How Ad Agencies Must Transform In An IoT World

Via Mike Proulx @Forbes Gone are the days when a copy writer and a graphic designer could dream up and execute an advertising campaign by themselves using their instincts alone. In the age of the Internet of Things a vast landscape of customer... Read more