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Our roots are in graphic design and visual communication. In 1985 we started the company as a graphic design and typographic services company. And while we could see from the start our business would be completely transformed by the coming desktop computer revolution, we knew our place would be precisely to join visual design and graphics to that technologic future. Finding the right balance between art and science has been our method for 30 years.

Half the staff at Signal have degrees in the visual arts and design. And while we spend much of our day immersed in the technical aspects of web design, we never loose our visual perspective.

We don’t separate the visual from the programmatic. We don’t simply ‘decorate’ the finished code or code the finished visual layout. We know the most effective designs for web communication emerge from a dynamic interplay among how things look, how they work, and how users experience and interact with our creations.

Success on the web is found in the synergy among elements. Web developers have to be experts in multiple disciplines with visual design taking a central roll. Because our efforts are most often delivered through display screens, we continue to see ourselves as visual communicators above all else.