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Design is a Process

We understand design as a process that takes a wide view of its subject. We're more than graphic designers, more than interface designers, more than brand designers. We're better described as "design scientists" — trying to systematically understand everything that relates to a project. In some ways we're like ecologists trying to understand the environment a particular organism fits into. Only by understanding the whole context of a design can we achieve a solution.

Who are "they," and what are "they" looking for?

To start, we have to answer some very basic questions about the commercial environment of the client's business. We ask a lot of questions about end users. Who's the end user of the design? Who's the design actually for? What does this end user want? What's their mission? What're they searching for? What does the end user bring to their encounter with the design? What's the overall marketplace the design has to exist within? How does this larger business context influence our work? And, of course, what's the competition like?

Working from answers to these questions, we design for function and utility, as well as for look and feel. In the end the design is only a success if it works for real customers in a real marketplace.

Why is all your work so different?

We're often told our work looks very different from one client to another, and we don't seem to have a signature "style" or "look" that identifies us. We're proud of this, because it's a natural result of our process. Marketplaces, like ecosystems, are unique. When we do our job right, we make a client look like the best of breed in their unique marketplace environment. They stand out, but also look like they belong to their world.

Collaboration is key

In all cases we're designing as part of the client's team — trying to find a solution to a communications problem that's attached to a business, that operates in a marketplace, that's part of an industry. It's a lot to take into account, but we think it's the minimum to keep in mind as we design.