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Your website should be the mothership of your online marketing initiative. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the others are the satellites that feed into it. Let Signal help your business reach its maximum potential online by coordinating the big picture.

Are you listening to what they're saying?

Dismissing social media as trivial and irrelevant does not change the likely reality that your customers and prospects are already talking about your company using social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. It's critical you monitor the status of these conversations and at least learn what people are saying. Leaving this online conversation to others amounts to abdicating your role as brand manager. 

We can help

Signal is helping companies realize their goals in the social sphere by helping them to develop plans based on:

  • Analysis of social media conditions and opportunities;
  • Assessment of internal company resources; and
  • Establishment of corporate social media goals and objectives

To establish clear goals we work with you to define the scope of the effort; identify the audiences we'll be addressing; decide on tools and resources we'll use; establish what outcomes we'd like to have; and importantly, what metrics we'll use to measure success in reaching our goals. 

With a solid plan in place Signal helps identify key company personnel that can be assigned tasks and roles in staffing the social media team. Then we help educate the social team in the concepts and tactics of the plan. As the plan's implemented, we monitor deployment of the plan, track results, and then, evaluating what can be learned from these results, we work to develop strategies and tactics for the next stage.