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Attention to security is fundamental to everything we do on the web at Signal. Commercial websites that exchange sensitive information must encrypt this information at every step: when they take it, when they store it, and when they move it. 

In particular, ecommerce sites that conduct credit card transactions, and medical health entities including doctors, hospitals and insurance companies that handle personal health records, all must operate in a highly-secure way. 

It's complicated.

Behind the enticing catalog pages on a slick shopping site there's often a complex order-taking machine processing orders. Typically there's a secure shopping cart, and a fully-encrypted transaction database with customer contact information and order histories. All of this requires an industrial-strength connection to the public Internet to support high-speed high-bandwidth communications among various secure servers around the web, particularly credit card companies and their intermediaries. All components need to be securely connected and maintained according to rigorous standards issued by to the payment industry (PCI) and health information privacy regulations (HIPAA).

Designing web enterprises that look beautiful, and interact swiftly and efficiently with users, and, at the same time, are built on transaction industry best practices is something we're good at here at Signal. We launched our first secure ecommerce website in 1996, for Since that time we've built encrypted information systems for cheese manufacturers, ski areas, insurance companies, hospitals, pharmacies, financial companies and others.