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Responsive Web Design

Today websites have to play across a variety of screen sizes. To produce websites that work appropriately for all users, developers face complex challenges.

Web Programming 

Websites depend on sophisticated programming for efficiency, speed, interactive functionality, database content, security, and a host of other technical things.

Internet Marketing

Marketing on the Internet goes beyond simply putting up a website. Email marketing, social media presence and search engine optimization are critical to success.

Web Design & Graphic Design

The web is a visual medium. Driven by visual messages delivered through a variety of screen sizes and types, it's impossible to overestimate the critical importance of visual design on the web.

Email Marketing

Email constantly pours into consumer inboxes. Are your customers reading your emails? If not, what can you do? And if they are, are you utilizing analytics data to improve future messages?

eCommerce & Secure Transactions

Attention to security is fundamental to everything we do at Signal. Websites that exchange sensitive information must encrypt this information at every step.

Managed Services & Hosting

Web hosting is just the beginning at Signal. We host the websites we design and build, and we offer a complete set of technical services to keep our websites running smoothly.


Internet of Things

The next big thing! With the Internet we connected all the computers on the planet. With the Internet of Things we'll connect everything else — impacting every business.


Database Programming

What's the big deal with database programming? It all seems quite straightforward: We need to be able to store data and then retrieve it as needed. This isn't rocket science, is it?


How can we help?

Large Complex Websites

Looking for a developer to handle a large project with lots of technical requirements, custom databases, and interaction with legacy systems? Need to put your product catalog online with a secure transaction system? Have sensitive data — such as HIPPA or financial information — you need to store and protect? Signal's been working for decades with large enterprises like Cabot Cheese, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, and Smugglers’ Notch Resort to build secure mission-critical solutions.

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Small Business Websites

Have a small business with an old web site that needs an upgrade? Starting a business and need the Internet to get your enterprise off to a good start? Do your competitors' websites look better than yours? Need to take your site to the next level? Looking for a developer who understands your business and can find an economical path that fits your budget and brings you more business? For more than 20 years, Signal's been working with small businesses to level the playing field and find bigger markets. 

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Email Marketing Programs

Is your email marketing program failing? Sending messages but not getting results? Know how to craft email messages that get through, get opened, and get results? Mailings getting blocked by spam filters? Are your emails optimized for mobile devices? Know how to integrate other social media platforms into your emails? Signal’s sophisticated industry-approved list mailing methods have been delivering messages to huge online markets for decades. Let Signal deliver your next email campaign.

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Our Methodology

We are in the customer service business

Signal uses a variety of technical methods to help our clients — such as graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and web programming. But in the end our efforts always hinge on being responsive, by being there when our clients need us, and by listening closely to their ideas and concerns. 

To start, we have to answer some very basic questions about the commercial 'environment' of the client's business. We ask a lot of questions about 'end users.' Who's the end user of the website? Who's the website actually for? What does this end user want. What is their mission? What are they searching for? What does the end user bring to their encounter with the website? What's the overall marketplace the website has to exist in? How does this larger business context influence our work? And, of course, what's the competition like?

Working from the answers to these questions, Signal designs for function and utility, as well as for look and feel. In the end, a website is only a success if it 'works' for real customers in a real marketplace.

Our goal is to do what's needed in a timely and economical way. With our many skills and methods we can build virtually anything we want, but what is most important to us is effective service to our clients and their customers.


Why Choose Signal

  • 30 years in business
  • Integrated marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Advanced programming
  • Email marketing
  • Managed services 
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Single point of contact
  • On-time and on-budget
  • Superior customer service


Some of Our Clients

Blue Cross Blue Shield Vermont
Smugglers' Notch