Signal’s been providing Internet services to businesses in Vermont and beyond for decades.

Our portfolio runs the gamut from mission-critical, database-driven sites for major corporations and institutions that handle sensitive financial and health-related data, all operating within HIPPA and PCI guidelines … to small, affordable sites to help individual entrepreneurs level the playing field and grow into bigger markets.

  • Signal was founded amid the Apple and Adobe desktop publishing revolution of the early-’80s. And we’ve still got the skills to handle your graphic design needs — business cards, brochures, print ads and more.
  • Web developers who host the sites they create truly have unequaled power to push those sites to reach their full potential. For that reason, Signal provides affordable, secure web hosting and a number of other “managed services.”
  • Your website should be the mother ship of your online marketing initiative. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the others are the satellites that feed into it. Let Signal help your business reach its maximum potential online by coordinating the big picture.
  • Signal has loads of experience setting up user-friendly and secure online payment systems to maximize your site’s revenue potential using third party vendors such as, Stripe and PayPal. Whether you’re launching a full-blown e-commerce site or looking to accept donations for a non-profit charity, Signal can help you find the right solution.
  • Many businesses want the hands-on benefits that content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal offer. Signal’s worked with both platforms for years. We can help you determine if either is the best solution for your website — or if your business would best be served by a custom-built site Signal designs and codes “from scratch.”
  • Beauty is screen-deep. Lots of shops can build your business a pretty website, but Signal is a master of the back-end programming that allows websites to reach their full potential. Because good design goes well beyond looks: It’s about performance.
  • Websites need to perform well across all platforms, devices and screen sizes. Responsive design is a more practical and manageable alternative to creating separate and parallel content specifically for users of mobile devices through mobile-specific websites or smartphone apps. Responsive design is our industry’s best practice — and it’s been Signal’s default mode since the mid-2010s.
  • The power databases bring to the web is truly awesome. For nearly every noteworthy site you’ve ever hit, there’s a robust database behind the scenes providing the power. Signal’s been working with databases as long as we’ve been building websites. For us, the front- and back-ends are ying and yang.