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NG Advantage

Project Info

NG Advantage provides the benefits of clean-burning natural gas to power generators, gas utilities, and large industrial end users that do not have sufficient supply from pipeline natural gas. Using one of the largest "virtual pipeline" fleet of trailers in the U.S., customers consume gas directly from the trailers, eliminating the need for onsite storage.

Signal launched the original NG Advantage website in 2012, with a responsive design overhaul a few years later.

By specifying webpage elements in terms of percentage of available screen space — and serving specialized stylesheets based on screen width — responsive sites adapt on-the-fly to offer users optimal experiences based on the type of device they’re using — desktop browser, tablet or smartphone.

Responsive web design is a more practical and manageable alternative to creating separate and parallel content specifically for users of mobile devices either through a mobile-specific website or smartphone app.

Project Details

  • Branding & Identity
  • Design
  • Drupal
Visit www.ngadvantage.com

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