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How to Upgrade Your Small Business's Website Through Purpose-Driven Design

Via Matt Brown Your business needs a solid central online hub for your customers. And while your website can be simple, it needs to be effective — a factor that largely relies on its design. Read full article Read more

What Is a Landing Page? Everything You Need to Create One That Converts

Via Carolyn Edgecomb | @carolyn_mariee As digital marketers, we’re almost always looking for ways to generate more leads. A well-crafted landing page is the single-most important tool in turning a visitor into a lead, so read this to make sure you’... Read more

Top UX Web Design Trends Your Business Should Focus On

Via Blue Fountain Media | @bfmweb The user experience is critical for your website design. Here's a look at some of the latest UX design trends to help your business resonate with users and keep them coming back for more. Read full article Read more

What’s New In The World Of Web Development: Trends To Pay Attention To

Via Blue Fountain Media Staying afloat in today’s digital marketplace requires your website to make good use of technology and design trends. But you can’t consider design trends without development, the coding and the programming behind the design... Read more

How to Make a Great Intro Video for Your Website

Via Carolyn Edgecomb | @carolyn_mariee Here are six tips for crafting an exemplary introductory video for your website that generates leads and builds a connection with your audience. Read full article Read more

Stop Making These Mistakes So Your Website Won’t Suck

Via Ben Mattice | @benfrometcha Five suggestions to help your website be all it can be. Or at least keep it from sucking. Read full article Read more

5 Popular User Experience Patterns That Users Hate

Via Nick Hiley | @nickhiley User experience (UX) patterns are design solutions that can be repeated for common problems. Their aim is to make user accessibility much easier, which leads to better performance in terms of conversion or retention.... Read more

Baby Boomers Are Aging – And Designers Need To Adapt

Via Katharine Schwab | @kschwabable Here are four principles to help designers adapt to the demographic shift as Americans age. Read full article Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Body Text Should Be Bigger

Via Design Shack The body text on your website is too small. While desktop monitors and phone screens seem to be increasing in size, body font sizes have seemingly shrunk. While their original size is the same, they feel smaller than ever. Read... Read more

Your Body Text Is Too Small

Via Christian Miller | @xtianmiller Body text is the key component in communicating the main bulk of a message or story, and it’s probably the most important element on a website, even if people sometimes read just the headlines. Read full article Read more