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Five Simple Design Patterns to Improve Your Website

Via @whipalash Common design patterns — like these five found on The New York Times website — can help solve common website design problems. Read full article Read more

Design Trends 2021

Via UXPin It's always fun to speculate about where web design might be headed in the future. Here are seven trends spotted by product design platform UXPin. Read full article Read more

Chris Graff

Long-time Vermont journalist and broadcast Chris Graff turned to Signal in 2006 to create a website to promote his then-new book "Dateline Vermont." Years later, we've expanded the site to include a broader sampling of Chris's work, including his... Read more

11 Tips for Creating a Usable Website Contact Page

Via Design Shack Contact pages are among the most-visited pages on many websites. But they're an often-neglected part of website design. You can remedy with these tips for creating a usable contact page. Read full article Read more

Canopy Northwest Arkansas

Founded at the height of the refugee crisis of 2015, Canopy Northwest Arkansas (CNWA) was the state's first resettlement agency. The group partners with a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations and faith communities to provide refugees from... Read more

Sitemaps: A Complete Guide

Via @MarkLangshaw A sitemap can be vital when it comes to SEO success, but how exactly do they work? Why do you need one, and how do you go about creating one for your site? Read full article Read more

What Does It Mean to Have a High-Quality Website in 2020?

Via @nschaeferhoff A detailed rundown of what a high-quality website means these days, with pointers on how to create one. Read full article Read more

Crystal Clear: 5 Ways to Improve Website Readability

Via Kate Shokurova Communicating on the web requires legibility and readability. Learn the difference between the two and how to improve both. Read full article Read more

When Does It Make Business Sense to Use a Microsite?

Via creative.onl Most marketing and SEO advice centers around focusing your attention on your main business website. But when does it make strategic and commercial sense to develop a separate microsite? What are the drawbacks? And what makes an... Read more

7 Website Trends Everyone Should Avoid at All Costs

Via codegeekz.com Web design trends have changed more in the last five years than the last 30 combined. Learn about outdated website design trends, how to avoid them, and what to do instead. Read full article Read more