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The Era of UI Unification

Via Robert Mayer A quick rundown on how websites have evolved over the years, and why the web looks the way it looks now. Read full article Read more

The 8 Commandments of UX

Via Vectornator Team You might not be a designer yourself, but here are some user experience (UX) concepts that everyone can learn from. Read full article Read more

Great Expectations: Using Story Principles To Anticipate What Your User Expects

Via @storykaboom When someone reads a story, they have certain expectations about how that story will unfold. The same is true about users coming to our websites. We can pull principles from storytelling to help us meet those user expectations.... Read more

UX Lessons Learned from eCommerce Projects

Via @AdrianBDesigns Some good points about effective e-commerce website design. Read full article Read more

Why Toggle Tokens Are a Better Alternative to Checkboxes

Via @uxmovement A long list of checkboxes looks intimidating to users and can cause them to abandon your form. A better component for option selection might be toggle tokens. Read full article Read more

The Obvious UI Is Often the Best UI

Via @languageismusic Design clear interactions instead of clever ones, and users will follow. Read full article Read more

Improve Your Conversion Rate and Increase Revenue With These User Experience Design Essentials

Via @designrushmag Three simple design tips that will improve your user experience, increase conversions and revenue, and ultimately grow your business. Read full article Read more

Show the Way: Directional Cues in User Interfaces

Via @MYalanska Don’t expect users come to your website ready to fiddle. It’s the designers’ job to make the way to conversion as easy and intuitive as possible. Read full article Read more

Stop Infinite Scrolling on Your Website — Now!

Via @reddymonish7 If you're building your website and a developer suggests using infinite scrolling, here are 10 reasons to dissuade you from doing so. Read full article Read more

19 UI Design Trends for Web and Mobile Worth Your Attention

Via Design4Users A look back at what has been popular in UI design for websites and mobile applications this year. Read full article Read more