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How Long is the Perfect Blog Post?

Via Dominic Jeff | @DominicJeff78 The ideal length of a blog post will, to an extent, depend on why you are writing it. Is its primary purpose SEO or social media engagement? Do you want to drive sales or gather backlinks? Does your writing seek to... Read more

The 18-Through-24 Age Group Continues to Be Drawn to Snapchat and Instagram

Via David Cohen U.S. internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 are flocking to Snapchat and Instagram, usually on a daily basis, according to the new Social Media Use in 2018 report from Pew Research Center, released Thursday. Read full article Read more

8 Ways to Up Your Social Media Content Game

Via Phong Ly | @phongtly You can no longer limit strengthening your relationship with your audience to just talking to them about your brand, products and services. You need to create interesting and relevant content for them and, when you up your... Read more

4 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Social Community to Promote Your Business

Via The DesignBold Team In this content-overloaded environment, content is perceived as another commodity, however, there are new tactics which can help you get your content seen. One of these tactics is by creating a social community. Read full... Read more

All Followers Are Fake Followers

Via Ian Bogost | @ibogost A recent New York Times exposé of a “black market” for online fame diagnoses the symptom of social-media despair. But, according to this analysis, it misses its cause. Read full article Read more

5 Social Media Trends to Watch Out for This 2018

Via Godot Media Social media is king and if companies wish to be noticed, they need to get started on preparing a rock-solid social media marketing strategy. Read full article Read more

Power up Your Lead Generation with Linkedin

Via Ben Mattice There is one route a lot of marketers neglect: LinkedIn. It’s a “social network” but it works differently than other networks. Find out how to generate leads through LinkedIn with this article. Read full article Read more

Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

Via Blue Interactive Agency Social media has become a necessary marketing tool for brands and businesses of all sizes. Whether you are new to social media or simply new to using social channels for marketing, here are some social media marketing... Read more

9 Rules for Crafting a Social Media Post

Via Kelly Stone | @KellyCulinarian While there’s the perception that social media marketing requires a certain kind of magic, the reality is what works on social media is an extension of solid communication skills. Yet, brands often forget the... Read more

How to Get People to Read your Blog (and Come Back for More)

Via Daniel Ndukwu | @daniel_ndukwu How do you get people to read your blog and get hooked? How do you make them continue to come back for more? This post focuses on how to make mouthwatering content. Read full article Read more