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SEO Etiquette. White Hats, Black Hats and Google Penalty

Via Matt Dawson from Matt Dawson's Digital Marketing Blog SEO is not always that straight-forward. There are many SEO agencies that will offer companies services to improve their SERP visibility however, some agencies (and individuals) do not play... Read more

Stop messing up your SEO and do these things instead

Via Matt Clough | @MattJClough The days of using underhand tactics like hidden text and keyword stuffed title tags to influence search rankings may be rapidly retreating into the mists of time, but as much as search engine optimisation (SEO) is... Read more

Google Warns Site Owners Their Site is Not Mobile-Friendly in Mobile Search Results

Via Barry Schwartz | @rustybrick Google is now issuing a new type of warning to site owners if their site is not mobile-friendly. The new warnings show directly in the mobile search results, but only to the site owner, when Google knows that the... Read more

Keyword Research: A Key Element of SEO & Content Marketing

Via Trond Lyngbø | @TrondLyngbo Imagine you're in an auditorium, facing a large audience of your best customers. You're getting ready to speak to them. You can say whatever you want, but there's just one condition: As soon as you complete your... Read more

The 2016 State of Link Building Survey - Results & Analysis

Via Nicholas Chimonas | @NChimonas SEO futurists have predicted the death of links as a ranking signal for years on end. That hasn't happened yet, and I'm happy to say that link building as a practice has greatly evolved. But rapid change... Read more

6 strategies to build links for your small business website in 2016

Via Pratik Dholakiya | @DholakiyaPratik Link building remains the cornerstone of most search engine optimization efforts. According to Moz's "2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study," links have the strongest association with higher search... Read more

Do New Top-Level Domains Affect SEO?

Via Michael Keshen | @michaelkeshen With hundreds of top-level domains to end a domain name with — ranging anywhere from .xyz to .pizza — there has never been a better time to find a domain that perfectly matches your name or brand. Since these... Read more

Google to boost mobile-friendly algorithm this coming May

Via Barry Schwartz | @rustybrick Google announced on the Webmaster blog that they are going to be boosting the effects of themobile-friendly algorithm they launched back on April 21, 2015. The mobile-friendly algorithm is a page-by-page... Read more

How to Identify Long-Tail Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

Via Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers People's keyword searches are increasingly moving toward long-tail because natural language search is becoming more popular and pervasive, especially with the momentum of mobile technology and search. But unlike... Read more

FAQ: All About The Changes To Google’s Ad Layout On Desktop Search Results

Via Ginny Marvin | @ginnymarvin On a Friday afternoon — last Friday, February 19, 2016, to be exact — Google confirmed that search results pages on desktop will no longer show text ads in the right sidebar. Instead, as many as... Read more