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The Only 6 Keyword Research Tools You Need to Use

Via Neil Patel | @neilpatel Keyword research is a science and an art. And that’s why it’s one of my favorite topics to discuss. There are tons of different factors at play. Read full article Read more

How to Increase Website Traffic Fast: 5 (Realistic) Ways

Via Blue Interactive Agency There are some legitimate, realistic ways you can increase website traffic fast, if you are willing to put the necessary time, effort, or money into the attempt. Read full article Read more

Site Optimization vs. Traffic Optimization

Via Garry Grant Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization: Both are essential to online marketing success, but is it more important to apply conversion rate optimization techniques, or focus on increasing traffic? Read full... Read more

4 Ways to Boost Traffic to a Small Website

Via Phil Frost | @pcfrost Establishing an online presence doesn't happen overnight. The smaller your business, the steeper the challenge might seem. Small businesses with bare-bones websites aren't as easy to find in search engines. Read full... Read more

The Seven Deadly Sins of Link Building

Via E-Web Marketing How do you compete with the big boys while not resorting to link building tactics that might endanger not only your SEO campaigns – but your business and livelihood? Read on .... Read full article Read more

How to Write a Perfect Meta Description

Via Brian Lich Meta descriptions are often a less-loved stepchild of the SEO world. This article instructs you how to write a meta description further, beginning first with a few basics and then transitioning into a few best practices and useful... Read more

4 Dangerous Black Hat SEO Tactics

Via Content Strategy Team Many people are unaware of Google’s rules. They may fall victim to a snake oil SEO expert who leverages black hat techniques promising to rocket their rankings. The list of “not-to-dos” is long, but here are some that... Read more

What is Negative SEO and How Can You Safeguard Against Attacks?

Via Garry Grant | @garrygrant Negative SEO involves using black hat SEO not to improve your own rankings, but to destroy the rankings of another site. Learn what you can do to protect yourself. Read full article Read more

How to Rank for ‘Position 0’ in 3 Simple Steps: A Featured Snippets Primer

Via Stephan Spencer | @sspencer What is a featured snippet, and how can you position your content to rank for one? This article explains this search feature and provides tips for optimizing your pages for it. Read full article Read more

Google's Mobile-First Index Is Changing the Rules of SEO

Via Phil Frost | @pcfrost The dominance of mobile devices over traditional desktop computers — in the present and future — couldn’t be clearer. So Google’s new mobile-first index should come as no surprise. Read full article Read more