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How to Talk to Bots: 8 Technical SEO Tips

Via @DavidZomaya We're all interested in having our websites reach our customers. But before they can, they need to reach the search engines. Here's a look at the basics of technical SEO with tips you can use without being an SEO wizard. Read full... Read more

Preparing for Google’s Core Web Vitals Update

Via Sabrina Patrizi The goal of the Core Web Vitals update is to encourage an improved page experience across your site and, ultimately, to improve user experience. Rollout begins in mid-June. Read full article Read more

Get Ready for Next Month's Google Shakeup

Via Suzanne Scacca With May's upcoming update, Google is telling every site owner that performance, accessibility, technical best practices, and SEO must be built into their websites. Read full article Read more

Your Guide to Google Core Web Vitals

Via @wordcandy_co Google has confirmed content is still king, but it also plans to take visitor experience into consideration. If your site meets all the page experience guidelines, it should have a positive impact on your rankings. Read full... Read more

The Impact of Web Design and SEO Conversion Rates

Via BootstrapBay Keywords count in search engine optimization. But one of the greatest factors that influences how many website visitors become customers is your layout and design. Read full article Read more

5 New SEO Tools for Marketers

Via @whipalash Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to having a successful website. Here are some picks for the five best new SEO tools for marketers. Read full article Read more

Bing Considers Page Quality Before Indexing

Via @rustybrick The writer of this article discovered Bing won't index nor show search results for low-quality, spammy or manipulative content. Includes hour-long video interview with two Bing insiders. Read full article Read more

Content Accuracy Is Not a Ranking Factor

Via @geochingu Google’s Danny Sullivan explained its systems rely on topic relevance and authority to rank content. Read full article Read more

What the Numbers Tell Us About the Current Voice Search Opportunity

Via Andy Taylor Since we can't segment voice from typed interactions in performance reports easily, it's helpful optimization for voice search overlaps with traditional search. Read full article Read more

Google: The Web is Faster Since Page Speed Became a Ranking Factor

Via Matt Southern Google says sites are faster and abandonment rates are down since making page speed a ranking factor last year. Read full article Read more