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Removing Images from Google Local Business Listings

Via Alycia Mitchell | @artdecotech As a business owner, the last thing you want is for a potential customer to search Google for your business and find a lewd image. Here are steps you can take to avoid this problem. Read full article Read more

Don’t Let Your Former IT Staff Sabotage Your Company

Via Graham Cluley | @gcluley Don’t give disgruntled workers and former staff a window of opportunity to cause damage or steal company confidential information. Read full article Read more

Find Out If Your Google Account Has Been Hacked

Via Matt Elliott | @themattelliott The Gooligan malware attack targeting Android devices has infected more than a million Google accounts. Has your account been compromised? It's easy to check to find out. Read full article Read more

Skyping and Typing the Latest Threat to Privacy

Via Michael Mimoso | @Mike_Mimoso Multitasking while on a work-related Skype call may be good for productivity, but perhaps not so much for privacy. Read full article Read more

East Coast Feeling Effect of Denial of Service Attack

Been having trouble getting around the Net today? You're not alone. The eastern part of the United States is being affected by today's second distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. William Turton from Gizmodo provides more details. Read... Read more

Don't Have a Yahoo Email Address and Think You're Safe from the Hack?

Via Graham Cluley | @gcluley As we should all know by now, Yahoo announced recently it had been massively hacked. Think you're safe because you don't have a Yahoo! account? Think again. Read full article Read more

2016 Cybersecurity Report (for Pizza Only)

Via Jon Hendren | @fart Something often overlooked in cybersecurity reporting is that criminals don’t just target banks, governments and huge businesses — that’s Hollywood. Read the full article. Read more

Keeping Your Online Accounts Safe

With security breaches becoming a common occurrence, how can we feel safe that our digital lives won't fall victim to the next breach to hit the news? The Sad Truth About Security In today's highly connected world, there is almost no way to... Read more

Drown attack sinks SSL security

Via Cliff Saran | @cliffsaran Researchers have published a paper outlining how an attacker could crack the TLS security protocol to gain access to millions of secure websites. The cross-protocol attack, known as DROWN (Decrypting RSA with Obsolete... Read more

Flash in the cross hairs

Adobe Flash has been an endagered technology for a number of years, but now the call for its elimination are growing very loud. Last week Mozilla blocked the plug-in in the Firefox browser.  "Adobe has tried hard over the years to improve Flash,... Read more