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7 Common Ways Sites Get Compromised

Via Ezequiel Bruni People who break into other systems are nothing if not predictable. There are a number of pretty common kinds of attacks that can be prevented largely through simple forethought and planning. Read full article Read more

hy Privacy Is The Internet’s Most User-Friendly Feature

Via Christian Stewart | @stewofkc Privacy policies protect companies legally. They tell consumers how the company collects, stores and uses their data. Unfortunately, these privacy policies aren’t negotiable — to use the service users have to agree... Read more

What's Not Included in Facebook's 'Download Your Data'

Via Nitasha Tiku | @nitashatiku Users can download and review a lot of information with the Facebook "Download Your Data" tool. But it hardly tells you everything Facebook knows about you. Read full article Read more

Boost Password Protection on Your CMS

Via Team Seven Boats Your own website or blog is not out of danger. You need to boost your CMS password in ways that can resist threats and attacks. To begin with, you need to work on your passwords. Read full article Read more

Time to Adopt HTTPS

Via Andy Schaff If you have a website, it should be on https. It’s not a magical force-field that will protect your site from getting hacked. But, if implemented properly, it will garner trust in your users. Read full article Read more

Man who invented P@$$w0rd guidelines regrets it

Via Geebo The man behind some of the password best practices we've all been living with since 2003 says not only does he regret these guidelines, but they're no longer effective. Read full article Read more

How to Protect Yourself Against the Rising Threat of Ransomware

Via Ben Dickson | @bendee983 Ransomware is a kind of virus that encrypts the files on your computers and locks you out until you pay the attackers a certain amount. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself. Here’s what... Read more

When a Data Breach Can Be a Benefit to Your Brand

Via Juliette Rizkallah | @juliettesultan No two breaches tell the same story, and how a company reacts and responds to a breach is what will be remembered. To get ahead of the next data breach you may face as an enterprise, this article presents... Read more

6 Practical Tools to Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

Via Alexa Matia | @AlexaNMatia Monitoring what people say about you and your business may seem overwhelming, but there are quite a few free or low-cost tools to help you monitor your online reputation. Read full article Read more

How to Avoid Being Hacked by the Russians in Five Easy Steps

Via Jonathan Sharpe Here is your five-step primer on how to avoid getting hacked by evil Russian spies or nefarious profiteers. Read full story Read more