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Net Neutrality Is Gone For Now. But Here's Everything That's Next

Via Harold Stark | @realharrystark Here’s how the concept of a free and open internet will continue to exist despite the repeal of net neutrality regulations. Read full article Read more

An Extrovert’s Hacks for Working from Home

Via Kari Kallhoff For the past few years, all the Signal team members have worked remotely from home offices. We don't just build the Web, we live on it. Kari Kallhoff's article about telecommuting makes some good points. Read full article Read more

Adobe Plans to Kill the Flash Media Player

Via Jonathan Vanian | @jonathanvanian It’s an end of an era for Adobe Flash, the software that helped bring online video to the masses in the Internet's early days but also frustrated people for nearly two decades over its frequent updates and... Read more

Why Notifications Deliver Great Customer Experience

Via Brent Sleeper | @BrentSleeper Notifications are crucial for building trust and driving user engagement. This article explains why apps and services should be thinking about how customers experience notifications from the start. Read full... Read more

Signal Goes Pink for the Day

We've decked out the Signal website in pink today to show support for Planned Parenthood's Pink Out Day, June 21. With access to Planned Parenthood services in jeopardy as Congress crafts new health care legislation, Pink Out Day's a way to draw... Read more

Tech Companies Plan Online Rally to Save Net Neutrality

Via Tom Brandt | @branttom The rally, scheduled for July 12, is the latest attempt to bombard the Federal Communications Commission with comments in support of net neutrality. Read full article Read more

How to Choose the Right Style for Your Explainer Video

Via Wyzowl | www.wyzowl.com Explainer videos are proven to increase user understanding, improve conversion rates, and reduce support queries. One of the most important factors to consider when creating an explainer video is style. Read full... Read more

Make Users Feel Like One-in-a-Million at Every Stage of the Funnel

Via Walter Chen | @smalter Everyone is unique, and wants to be treated that way. No one summed it up like Dale Carnegie when he said "remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language."... Read more

Firefox calls foul on Windows 10

Fan of the new Edge browser that ships with Microsoft Windows 10? No? Well, just switch the default. How hard can that be? Right? Harder than before, apparently. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard noticed. And he called out MS for its "aggressive move to... Read more

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss

You might have heard Microsoft is retiring its much-beleagured Internet Explorer browser in favor of a new one called Edge. This week the new Edge logo was added to the MS Windows 10 preview, and it looks kinda familiar. Here's hoping what's under... Read more