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5 Web Hosting Technology Trends in 2021

Via Damien Reed Instead of relying solely on physical data centers, the world is gradually switching to cloud computing. This and four other trends are explored in this article. Read full article Read more

Work From Home: Where Is it Heading?

Via taskade.com Signal went virtual in 2014, so this topic is close to our hearts. It seems with the huge spike in work-at-home caused by the pandemic, things might never be the same as before. Read full article Read more

The History of the URL

Via @zackbloom Sure, it's geeky, but this article details the evolution of the things we click on and type into our browsers a hundred times a day. Read full article Read more

How to Buy a Domain Name That is Taken (9 Pro Tips)

Via wpbeginner Some tips on how to buy a taken domain and what to watch out for. This article also covers a few strategies you can use if your domain isn’t available. Read full article Read more

The Decade Software Ate the World

Via @davinodwyer As we cross the threshold from one decade to another, here's a look back at the previous 10 years in the tech world. Read full article Read more

Would the Web Be Better with One Good Browser?

Via @SEScacca We see varying results in how browsers show websites to users. It’s a worthwhile question to ask: Would we be better off if there were only one browser? Read full article Read more

I Ditched Google for DuckDuckGo. Here's Why You Should, Too

Via @jtemperton According to this Wired writer, once you realize most things you search for online are boring and obvious, you realize you don't really need Google. Read full article Read more

Fifty Years Ago, I Helped Invent the Internet; How Did It Go So Wrong?

Via @kleinrock One of the Net's founding fathers waxes philosophic on where we came from and where we might be headed. Read full article Read more

Google to Stop Indexing Flash Content

Via @rustybrick If there weren't already enough reasons to hire Signal to redo your outdated Flash-based website, here's another. And it's a biggie. Read full article Read more

How to Be a Great Client

Via @ryanschaefer41 Some good ideas to help assure a positive outcome when hiring any firm to work on your company's project. Read full article Read more