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Social networking meets the Internet of Things on the ski slopes at Vail

E.B. Boyd at explains how a modern ski resort is using social interaction and the internet of things to enhance the skiing experience and differentiate a venerable old brand. Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz tells Fast Company he's seen "... Read more

How the Internet of Things impacts marketing

Via i-Scoop |  As the number of IoT connected devices approaches 2.9 billion, how will marketers take advantage of a deluge of new consumer behavior data? Marketers will have exposure to more information than they ever dreamed of, but will they be... Read more

How Ad Agencies Must Transform In An IoT World

Via Mike Proulx @Forbes Gone are the days when a copy writer and a graphic designer could dream up and execute an advertising campaign by themselves using their instincts alone. In the age of the Internet of Things a vast landscape of customer... Read more

17 'Internet Of Things' Facts Everyone Should Read

Via Bernard Marr The Internet of Things is here and it’s growing rapidly. Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE) refers to devices or objects that are connected to the Internet, like your smartwatch, Fitbit, or even your... Read more

IoT marketing data "extremely effective"

While sensor vendors and network service providers are scrambling to monetize the Internet of Things, corporate marketers are quietly leveraging IoT data to support their digital marketing efforts. Why? ..because it works! David Kilpatrick reports... Read more

India is betting on IoT

A recent 186-page report by Tata Consulting Services is being cited to validate the claim that there is already huge IoT interest in the corporate world. Tata says internationally 26 companies will spend at least $1 billion this year on initiatives... Read more

Freescale launches 'smallest ever' IoT processor

Charlie Osborne reports in ZDNet's Between the Lines "Freescale launches 'smallest ever' dime-sized IoT processor. The Internet of Things-based 'computer on a chip' measures up as the size of a US dime. Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled an... Read more

The Era of Living Services

A new report from Fjord, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive, explains how the digitization of everything + liquid consumer expectations are creating the next wave of digital transformation. "The Era of Living Services" describes how... Read more

A new blog about the Internet of Things

Introducing our new information technology blog. is a news and information blog that specializes in the Internet of things (IoT). The blog features news stories and articles about the IoT and the Internet of Everything (IoE), as... Read more