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How to use Information Architecture in Marketing to Win Your Website

Via Piotr Koczorowski | @pkkoczorowski Information Architecture (IA) helps you structure your content and information in an efficient way. Define your audience, establish the information you want to convey, align your design and language to your... Read more

2016 Ecommerce Marketing Checklist

Via Armando Roggio | @armandoroggio E-commerce marketing can be a long journey, with many twists, turns, and even sudden stops. Last year's best campaigns might not work this year. Business owners and marketers should look for the tactics and the... Read more

Top 6 Mistakes Marketers Make on YouTube Influencer Campaigns

Via Polina Haryacha | @pharyacha The latest research shows that YouTube has the best ROI above any other social media platform. YouTube marketing offers big rewards, but the path to success in this uncharted territory can be bumpy. This article... Read more

How to Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Via Alicia Johnston | @aliciabjohnston As people join Instagram in droves, brands have a unique opportunity for engagement with their fans: Instagram posts generate a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21%, which is 58 times more engagement per... Read more

Grow Your Pinterest Following: 5 Simple Steps for Brands

Via Julia McCoy | @JuliaEMcCoy Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform in terms of user numbers. Compared to Facebook's 6% member growth, Pinterest experienced a huge 57% jump in members in 2014 and many sources project that the site... Read more

4 Tips for Small-business Retail Marketing for 2016

Via Armando Roggio | @EcommerceBoy Given limited information, time, and money, small retail business owners and marketers must decide which ad formats and promotions merit investment. Their growth depends on making good choices. But what should be... Read more

5 Strategies to Improve Your Website Conversions

Via Marie Dean | @CrazyEgg If you're like most online marketers, you've probably spent a great deal of time perfecting your site's usability, crafting your copy, and making your calls to action hard to resist. That's important to get your site to... Read more

8 Video Micro-Moments: What Do They Mean for Your Video Strategy?

Via Lucas Watson | @lucasewatson 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so when we turn to our mobile devices to watch video, we can choose from a nearly limitless library of on-demand content. With video consumption gone from... Read more

How YouTube Extends the Reach and Engaging of Your Video Advertising

Via Think with Google | @ThinkwithGoogle What if you could increase the millennial audience your video ads reach by 42%? Multiply engaging by 10X? How about boosting views of past videos by 500%? And what if you could do it all by rethinking... Read more

6 Facebook Features Marketers Need to Know

Sarah Snow, via @socialmedia2day Facebook is constantly adding new features to improve the user experience of Facebook users. Do you know what a "Facebook Beacon" is or how to leverage it? Learn what it is because Facebook is where more of your... Read more