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Email Personalization is About So Much More Than Your [First_Name]

Via John Bonini | @bonini84 For the vast majority of marketers, personalizing an email is as simple as inserting a [first_name] tag into any form of communication. This isn't personalization. Personalization is about understanding what drives a... Read more

5 Preheader Text Ideas to Increase Your Email Effectiveness

Via Tanya Wheeler Berliner | @tanyawb Wasting preheader space with "having trouble viewing this email" is a huge mistake. Just repeating your subject line text isn't winning you any points either. Here are a few ways to maximize your preheader... Read more

3 Ways to Prepare Your Email Marketing for the Holidays

Larisa Bedgood via Relevate | @RelevateGroup Email marketing drove 17.7% of online orders in 2014 (behind only organic and paid search) and is poised to be a major player in the 2015 holiday marketing season. To make sure your emails aren't lost in... Read more

The Year of the Smartphone

I came across a pretty cool bit of information today thanks to John Caldwell at Red Pill Email. Yesmail released their 3Q Benchmark Report on Email Marketing. The report is titled “The Year of the Smartphone” and that probably isn't, (it shouldn’t... Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Triggered Emails More Effective This Holiday Season

Via Chad White | @chadswhite Triggered emails are not "set it and forget it"; they are "review and renew." That's especially true going into key selling seasons, like retailers are about to do. During November and December, retailers’ transactional... Read more

For Potent Email Campaigns, Timing Is Everything

Eric Dezendorf, via @OAKDezey Learn what steps you should take so you can develop a test and find the sweet spot for sending your emails. Read the full Article Read more

Smugglers' Notch Resort

Smugglers' Notch Resort is located in the picturesque Green Mountains of northern Vermont and is the only resort in North America to Guarantee Family Fun! The area consists of three interconnected mountains — Morse, Madonna and Sterling — offering... Read more

Cabot Creamery Cooperative

The Cabot Cheese Dairy Cooperative blends state-of-the-art facilities and a savvy entrepreneurial spirit, with the timeless values a personal commitment to quality that comes from being 100% owned by our farm families. It's a special combination... Read more