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5 Important steps to effective email marketing

Via Adam Fridman | @Idea2Result Each time a prospect gives your company their personal email address, a contract is formed between you and them. By delivering email marketing that's useful and appreciated by your market, your company is building... Read more

Why simplicity wins in email marketing

Via Hannah Green With studies showing that prospects are opening less than 24% of promotional emails, the odds can feel stacked against you, particularly in an email-heavy marketing environment. The key lies in simplicity. Read the full article Read more

Danger Zones: 4 Things You Need to Know When Testing Emails

Via Annette Promes | @ahpromes The results of the testing the effectiveness of different email subject lines are in, and we have a subject line winner! We'll talk about the test methodology and the winning submission, but before getting to that, I... Read more

Subject Lines: 18 Ways to Get Your Email Opened

Via Pat Friesen | @pfwriter Email subject lines are like the teaser copy on a direct mail outer envelope. Their job is to get the email/envelope opened and read. This means subject lines are big influencers of the success (or failure) of every... Read more

6 Ways To Destroy Your Email List

Via Luke Guy | @imlukeguy One of the biggest issues email marketers have is making the email subscriber feel connected. So I will show how six little things could eventually hurt the efforts of everyone with an email list. Read the full article Read more

6 Warning Signs Your Email Marketing Is Scaring Away Subscribers

Via Reshu Rathi | @reshurathi Email marketing has been around for more than two decades now, and it’s here to stay. In fact, its stake in the success and failure of an online business is growing larger every day. That’s why every online marketer is... Read more

How to reduce the risk of getting email blacklisted

Via Scott Heimes | @ScottHeimes Email marketers inevitably risk ending up on blacklists during email campaigns. But there are ways to reduce your chances and avoid the dreaded blacklist to ensure your mail reaches the inbox. Read the full article. Read more

3 Email Marketing Tactics You Need Most

Via Dan Scalco | @danscalco If you are trying to market your business through email and you are having trouble succeeding, you're not alone. Most email campiagns have trouble getting subscribers to open their emails let alone a click through rate... Read more

Practical Guide to Preheaders

Via Laura Christensen from Return Path | @returnpath The truth is it's the small details that add up to a big impact on a program’s success. One of those often overlooked details is the email preheader, a simple yet effective tool to help your... Read more

10 ways to reduce email unsubscribes

Via Ben Davis | @Econsultancy A well-oiled email marketing strategy can be unsurpassable in terms of ROI and audience engagement. So, what are the myriad ways companies can keep their database plump and receptive and reduce unsubscribes? Make it... Read more