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The Really Good Guide to Email Design (+ Bonus Checklist)

Via Kim Courvoisier | @stiggy1 Want an email that looks awesome and converts like crazy? Campaign Monitor joined forces with Really Good Emails to take the guesswork out of designing an excellent email with this email design guide and checklist... Read more

The Key to Effective Direct Mail Is Communication

Via Summer Gould | @sumgould Too many times marketers are so focused on design that they lose sight of the importance of good copy. They end up with direct mail copywriting that is talking at someone instead of to them. Read full article Read more

The Argument for Sending Your Customers Non-transactional Emails in Two Case Studies

Via Courtney Eckerle | @courtneyeckerle Two case studies featuring marketers who decided to dedicate significant time and effort into producing an email send where the goal wasn’t to drive revenue. Read full article Read more

5 Copywriting Tips to Reduce Email Unsubscribes

Via Gary Hennerberg | @GaryHennerberg Email strategy and copywriting could use improvement, according to a recent survey where consumers revealed reasons why they unsubscribe from emails. Read full article Read more

A Quick Guide to Email Etiquette (Infographic)

Via Rose Leadem | @Rose_Leadem Sending an email is something most of us do daily, yet even with all that practice, it’s still hard to achieve perfect email etiquette. Luckily, there are some quick and easy hacks to craft a courteous and... Read more

7 Email A/B Tests Every E-commerce Marketer Should Try Out

Via Abi Davies It’s 2017, and the days of low-quality, irrelevant marketing messages are well and truly over. If your email doesn’t seem interesting to a recipient, it will be deleted, unsubscribed from or — dare we say it — marked as spam. Read... Read more

Top 10 Stats from 2016 That Show the Importance of Email Marketing

Via Linsey Covino-Deaso | @linsey_jayne Even now, where spur-of-the-moment, blink-and-it’s-gone content reigns ever supreme, you need email. And, more importantly, you need to storify your email strategy. Read full article Read more

4 Ways to Jumpstart Email Marketing for 2017

Via Carolyn Nye | @CareNye The new year brings much-needed breathing time to address email marketing strategies. In this post, Carolyn Nye explores email marketing trends and offers suggestions for email strategy for 2017. Read full article Read more

Setting Your Email Marketing Budget for 2017

Via Scott Cohen | @scottcohen13 Planning your email marketing budget for 2017 is an absolute must. If you’re at a loss for how to spend your email marketing budget, here are some ideas for how you can utilize and maximize your spend. Read full... Read more

Emoji Support in Email: Can Your Subscribers See Them?

Via Bettina Specht Emojis can help make your email stand out in a crowded inbox. But thanks to inconsistent support across clients and operating systems, not all of your subscribers might be able to see emojis in their inbox. Here are the stumbling... Read more