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Powerful Additions to Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy for Higher ROI

Via David Schneider Find marketing strategies you can implement that will not only bring in customers but do so without spending a lot. The article includes some additions you can make to practically any marketing strategy to provide you a higher... Read more

7 Fresh Content Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried (Plus 8 Classic Ones)

Via Simon Dumont The title says it all. Some of these notions might be too labor-intensive for the average online marketer, but there are some good ideas here. Read full article Read more

How Web Design Impacts Content Marketing

Via Rebecca Stickler Bad design – or lack of design – can have potential customers closing the browser and seeking other businesses. As a result, your company’s design can affect several components of your digital marketing strategy, and this is... Read more

Increasing Website Traffic By Updating Old Blog Posts

Via Inbound Rocket Your old content is key to growing your blog and taking your company to the next level. Read full article Read more

3 Communication Theories That Will Help You Write Better Microcopy

Via Ryan Cordell | @ryancreatescopy The right combination of words and visuals is the key to communicating with your users and helping them achieve their goals. So design teams should invest as much time, love and attention to designing the words... Read more

How to Create a Content Strategy That Enhances Your Earned Media Efforts

Via Annemaria Nicholson By responding to and highlighting earned media mentions, as well as developing content that others will share to encourage more earned media, you can flesh out your content marketing strategy and make it more well-rounded.... Read more

Why Your Content Marketing Should Take Generational Preferences Into Account

Via John Beveridge | @JohnMBeveridge Sales and marketing software provider HubSpot recently conducted research into generational content preferences and came to some interesting conclusions. Here are some of their key findings. Read full article Read more

21 Websites That Will Change Your Life as a Digital Marketer Forever

Via Iris Hearn | @irisraehearn From tools that help with SEO and content creation to social media marketing, site performance, or even collaboration between team members, you can find a tool for just about anything online. Here are 21 websites that... Read more

What is “Good Content,” and How Do I Create It?

Via Megan Duffy Top performing content, including viral content, has some things that are easy to replicate. Use this eight-item checklist to crank out good content on a consistent basis. Read full article Read more

How to Promote Your Blog Post with a Simple Video Trailer

Via Denise Wakeman | @DeniseWakeman If you want more eyeballs on your content, try promoting your blog posts with video. There are a couple of ways you can do this: talking head style announcing your new blog post or a simple video trailer... Read more