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How to increase your Twitter click-through rate

If you're spending time tweeting, then you're most likely including links inside your tweets back to your website. Dan Zarella at HubSpot has put together a report on some surprising (and, granted, some not-so-surprising) ways you can increase your tweet click-through rate (CTR). For example, who would have guessed that links in tweets made Thursday...

Mobile shoppers not always out and about

comScore released data last week showing 38 percent of all smartphone owners have used their device to make at least one online purchase. "Digital goods" was the most popular product category for September. More interestingly, 56 percent of these folks made their purchase <em>while they were home</em>. And a little more than a third made...

HTML5 phones on the rise

If the adage "As goes mobile, so goes the Web" holds any water – and it might not, since I think I just made it up – Flash-killer HTML5's future is looking rosy. Strategy Analytics predicts 1 billion HTML5-capable phones will be sold in 2013. That's compared to "just" 336 million sold in 2011. For purposes of their study, the company considers "HTML5-...

Most wired adults use social media

A recent Pew study reveals two out of three adults who are online, use social media. Most say they're there to stay in touch with friends Very few use it for romantic purposes: only 3 percent. Read more social media usage

Not in the social media game? Yes, you are

An article about social media by marketer Dave Toliver caught our eye. "If you think you're not 'on' or 'doing' social media, you're wrong," he writes. "Your company may not be active, but I guarantee your fans and your non-supporters are there." He goes on to outline seven ways to put social media to work for your business. Read "7 Ways to Create...

Tips to make visitors customers

In ecommerce, "conversion" is the name of the game: converting visitors to your website from simple visitors to paying customers. Mashable's put together a good list of 10 stumbling blocks many sites suffer on the way to conversion. Some are obvious (pricing), but others aren't so (product stock information). Read Top 10 problem areas for conversion