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What Is a WordPress Theme?

Via @kezzbracey It's a basic question, but one we get asked a lot. And this article does a good job explaining it. (By the way, this article could just as easily apply to any content management system.) Read full article

Sitemaps: A Complete Guide

Via @MarkLangshaw A sitemap can be vital when it comes to SEO success, but how exactly do they work? Why do you need one, and how do you go about creating one for your site? Read full article

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont Gets A New Look

After nearly 5 years, Mel & Julia (Owners of Birnn Chocolates of Vermont) decided it was time to spicy up their website with a new look. We started with the home page and are working through the site, adding new content and photos. Their goal is to always make shopping easy, quick and fun. From what we've heard, this has certainly been true for Birnn...