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Your Guide To Link Building For SEO In 2016

Link Building in 2016

Via Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

No fundamental element of SEO has received as much scrutiny or attention over the past few years as link building. Local SEO experienced a few twists and turns, Mobilegeddon served as a kick in the pants to any businesses who hadn't yet adopted a mobile-friendly site, and the revelation of Google's search quality raters helped many of us hone and refine our strategies, but most of these changes are pretty objective in terms of their impact. Link building is an area where many SEO experts remain divided—and almost universally, everyone has been forced to update their link building strategy in one way or another.

As we begin 2016, it's important to audit your link building approach and fine-tune it to best suit you in the coming year. But what's changed from prior years, and what's most important to focus on in the years to come?

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