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Social networking meets the Internet of Things on the ski slopes at Vail

Skiing the IoT at Vail

E.B. Boyd at explains how a modern ski resort is using social interaction and the internet of things to enhance the skiing experience and differentiate a venerable old brand.

Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz tells Fast Company he's seen "more excitement and more discussion about EpicMix than anything else we’ve ever done." The numbers seem to bear him out. About 100,000 skiers and boarders activated their accounts this season—or about 15 % of all guests. About 45% of those opted to make their information public either on the EpicMix site and/or to publish it to Facebook.

The big idea: Mobile technology is making the digital experience a real-world experience. Your customers are increasingly turning their attention to the ways that physical products and services can leverage the virtual world to enhance the traditional user experience. In a competitive product category, the mobile digital experience can tip the balance in your favor.

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