Spelling counts for Twitter cred

Trendy acronyms like OMG and TTYL aside, turns out that spelling and grammar play an important part in boosting the credibility of your tweets.

Don't take our word for it. Take the word of Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University. The two conducted a study to test the factors that most improve, and hurt, the credibility of social media messages.

The number one thing that can make a tweet more trustworthy: If it's retweeted by someone the recipient trusts. OK, so that's kind of circular logic.

Some more interesting factors on the list: If the tweet contains a URL to clicked through and whether or not the author's account includes a personal photo.

And the number two no-no behind bad grammar? Leaving that default Twitter user image in place on your account. Bad.

See the full lists of things that boost and hurt tweet credibility

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