After almost a year of experimentation, Signal is excited to be expanding our work-from-home program, even as Yahoo retreats from this enlightened policy. May people have asked me if Yahoo's example presents a caution to those of us who are exploring new ways of integrating work into our lives. My answer to this question is simple: Yahoo's example is exactly why we are working from home. We are building a life-style business at Signal, not a giant corporation, and our progressive employment model makes us stronger and more competitive. We are NOT Yahoo. We are small, nimble, tightly knit, and endlessly enthusiastic...and creatively committed to our clients! We use a variety of innovative online services to stay closely connected and coordinated, and in some ways our team is closer than ever. That Yahoo has found that they can't work this way, is all the more reason that small companies like Signal should.

Practical work-from-home policies actually work!

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