Introducing v.6

Signal launched a new website today.

The best any of us can determine, this is the 6th design our website's featured since the company first went online in the mid-'90s.

Every member of the Signal team pitched in to develop the new site using Drupal, Signal's go-to content management system, to come up with a fresh, state-of-the-art site that delivers optimized user experience regardless of device type — desktop browser, tablet or smartphone.

Building websites is nothing new for us. It's what we do. (It's what we've done since long before many people even knew what a website was.)

But I think any of us will admit, this time was a little different. And it reinforced, strongly, what we already believed: The opportunity to review everything that constitutes a company's message, and brand, is a valuable exercise with benefits that extend far beyond the website itself.

Refreshing your website's an opportunity to take stock of everything you do and refocus on what's most important today.

We recommend it to any business. And we stand by to help.


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