Housing Vermont, NNEHIF merge to form Evernorth


Burlington-based non-profit housing developer Housing Vermont (HV) and Northern New England Housing Investment Fund (NNEHIF) in Portland, Maine, made a big announcement today: The two organizations have joined to form Evernorth.

Signal began working with HV in 2012, by rebuilding their public-facing website, and creating a new secure intranet for the organization's asset management database (AMDB).

Over the years, the AMDB has grown to become a robust suite of tools HV administrators and their many partners use to record and report on a variety of data crucial to their business.

More recently, Signal's worked with HV and staff from NNEHIF to integrate the data workflow of the two organizations in anticipation of today's announcement.

In its combined 30-year history, Evernorth has raised and deployed more than $1 billion in equity capital for affordable housing, and built more than 13,000 affordable homes for low- and moderate-income people across northern New England.

It's a pleasure to partner with organizations that do such good work for our communities.

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