Stop messing up your SEO and do these things instead

Via Matt Clough | @MattJClough

The days of using underhand tactics like hidden text and keyword stuffed title tags to influence search rankings may be rapidly retreating into the mists of time, but as much as search engine optimisation (SEO) is coming to reflect time-honoured good marketing practices, there is still a considerable amount to be aware of if you want your website to be in Google's good graces.

Since 2011, when Google launched their first Panda update, designed to penalise sites that offered readers little or no useful content, the SEO landscape has been dominated by discussions of Google’s core algorithm and their additional filters designed to discourage spam.

With Penguin, which targets unnatural linking patterns, soon to be a continuously updating piece of the puzzle and Panda now part of the main algorithm, the focus is beginning to shift away from what can cause Google to take a dim view of a site and toward what the search giant wants to reward.

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