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SEO or Content Marketing? Here's How to Rock Both

SEO or Content Marketing? Rock Both

Via Goran Mirkovic | @ClemmRusty

When it comes to SEO and content marketing, people constantly feel like one is more important than the other. For most inexperienced online businesspeople, SEO seems as something that is essential to their websites' successes, while content marketing feels like a strategy that only big and powerful brands have the capacity and expertise to make worth their while.

Let’s break it down. SEO refers to a series of techniques that help search engines find and better rank your website. Even though this sounds quite simple, there’s a lot that needs to be done here in order to position yourself high enough in SERPs for specific sets of keywords. Technical, off-site and on-site – these are the essential SEO aspects that you need to take care of in order to prove to the search engine that your address offers the best possible answers for certain queries.

On the other hand, content marketing is what powers the Internet. It simply cannot function without it. It represents the foundation on which this marvelous invention is built upon. Content is what brings answers to the infinite number of user queries.

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