End of employer-supplied computers?

Computers are pretty ubiquitous nowadays. Seems about everyone can list at least one CPU in their inventory of household possessions.

So much so that one department of the federal government is predicting it'll eventually stop providing its employees with hardware in favor of letting them bring their own into work.

Veterans Affairs Department Chief Information Officer Roger Baker says the department has likely awarded its last PC contract: a whopping $476.6 million deal with Dell to provide 600,000 desktop computers. After that, it might just be BYOL (bring your own laptop).

There are a couple obvious sticking points: What about those people who don't own a computer? (Talk about whipping up the war between the haves and have nots!) What about assuring all those independently-owned laptops are clean and secure? And what does the death of $500 million contracts do to hardware vendors like Dell?

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