Seven Call-To-Action Examples From the Pros

Via Kristin Lisak | @Kristin_Lisak

We've all seen them. Some of us have even left websites because of them. Calls-to-action, or CTAs, that were executed with poor strategy…or worse, no strategy at all. Thankfully, professionals exist, creating well-designed, irresistible CTAs that drive conversions on their websites.

According to HubSpot, the essential elements that make up a quality CTA are eye-catching design, copy that makes people want to act, a clear value proposition, and a link to a specific landing page (that aligns with the appropriate stage in your sales cycle).

In addition to the above components, marketing guru Neil Patel suggests that effective CTAs live above the fold (the portion of the webpage that you can see without scrolling) and offer immediate results. He also points out the importance of social proof, or influencing people to act based on what others are doing.

Keeping those characteristics in mind, let's look at seven call-to-action examples from some of those who do it best.

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