New way to kill IE7: Tax it

From the why-didn't-I-think-of-that department, an Australian retailer has started charging visitors to its website a surcharge for using Internet Explorer version 7.

"It appears you or your system administrator has been in a coma for over five years and you are still using IE7," reads the notice displayed for visitors to use the aging browser. "To help make the Internet a better place, you will be charged a 6.8% tax on your purchase."

Though it smacks of publicity stunt, the tax is apparently real, and is justified by the amount of development time it takes to massage websites to look and behave correctly in IE7.

One of the least favorite parts of our day here at Signal is when we're required to seat ourselves at the table we reserve for three Windows machines each running a different version of IE: 9, 8 and 7, the earliest version of Explorer we still support. Misery. Almost always.

Read more about Kogan's IE7 tax

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