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HTML5 phones on the rise

If the adage "As goes mobile, so goes the Web" holds any water – and it might not, since I think I just made it up – Flash-killer HTML5's future is looking rosy.

Strategy Analytics predicts 1 billion HTML5-capable phones will be sold in 2013. That's compared to "just" 336 million sold in 2011.

For purposes of their study, the company considers "HTML5-capable" phones as those offering full support for HTML5 in its Web browser.

HTML5 is the latest specification of the lingua franca of the Web. Though it won't be official until 2014, according to the World Wide Web Consortium – which means it won't really be official until 2022 – more and more Web developers are putting its many new features to use in places that could only previously be served by Adobe's proprietary Flash technology.

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