The Year of the Smartphone

The Year of the Smartphone

I came across a pretty cool bit of information today thanks to John Caldwell at Red Pill Email. Yesmail released their 3Q Benchmark Report on Email Marketing. The report is titled “The Year of the Smartphone” and that probably isn't, (it shouldn’t be anyway) a surprise to most people. Smartphones are here to stay and we've way surpassed just reading the occasional email and surfing the web on them.

According to the report, the gap between mobile click-to-opens (CTO) and desktop CTO steadily closes but what's really exciting (to me!) is that the annual revenue growth from mobile consistently grows while desktop growth wanes! Check out the key finding of Yesmail's report.

  • Mobile revenue is up 9.9% YoY (year-over-year), with smartphones driving 56.6% of all mobile revenue.
  • Consumers are making larger email-driven purchases. The average order value of an email-generated order is $127.50, up 30.7% YoY.
  • Consumers are not only opening emails on mobile devices, but they’re engaging. Mobile clicks accounted for 46.7% of all email clicks in Q3, a 23.9% increase YoY.
  • More consumers are making purchases on smartphones than ever before. iPhones generated 13.1% more revenue Quarter-over-Quarter (QoQ) and 46% YoY.

It's pretty safe to say consumers are significantly more comfortable opening emails on their mobile device and clicking through. More importantly, they're becoming increasingly more comfortable completing purchases on their smartphones. Yesmail's report says the average order value of email-driven purchases was $127.50 in Q3 2015, up 5.4% from Q2 and a significant 30.7% YoY.

Now that we as business owners and marketers know this, what should we do with this information? Yesmail's report suggests the following:

1. Personalize: Know what your customers want and target them
accordingly. Provide them with relevant content based on their interests,recent purchases, demographic information and preference center settings.

2. Make payment effortless: Instead of requiring consumers to enter their credit card information at check-out, implement technology that eliminates this time-consuming step by integrating with a customer’s preferred payment methods.

3. Offer location-based deals: These type email deals encourage traffic to your physical locations and increase conversion. If a consumer is near a brick-and-mortar location, send them an exclusive email offering a onetime deal, redeemable in-store.

4. Promote bigger-ticket items: Shoppers are making bigger email-driven purchases across the board, regardless of platform. Make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

5. Use responsive design across the board: If consumers find it difficult to read or navigate an email and/or a brand's website, they're going to be turned off from making a purchase. Make it convenient for shoppers to convert from mobile email or risk losing out on revenue from willing buyers.

To read Yesmail's report in full detail, download it here.

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