5 Steps to Building a Cart Recovery Email Strategy That Will Increase Your Conversions

Via Reshu Rathi | @reshurathi

For an e-commerce business, shopping cart abandonment is the most common and most inevitable scenario. A Baymard Institute study states that 68.63% of carts are abandoned every year. That means that only about 1 in every 4 customers actually finishes their purchase.

Despite this loss of sales, most e-commerce marketers are targeting these lost customers with nothing more than retargeting ads.

Although retargeting is an effective way to recover the lost revenue, the most important tactic I've found for tackling shopping cart abandonment is to send cart recovery emails.

Cart abandonment emails have a high open rate and click-through rate compared with promotional emails, but most online retailers do not have a properly crafted email strategy for cart recovery.

Click the link below to learn five of the best strategies for a successful cart recovery email program.

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